Feng Shui works On 3 Main Principles: Qi, Natural Elements, and Bagua

1. Qi (Chi) Energy

The always moving and changing life force. The goal is to keep chi flowing gently throughout the environment — rather than running straight through it. However, if get stuck or blocked, chi has an adverse effect on the surroundings.

2. The Natural Elements

Fire, earth, metal, water, air, space, and wood — each are distinguished by a characteristic shape, color, texture and set of attributes.

Feng Shui balances all of these elements to create positive energy

3. The Bagua

A chart mapping out energy centers or “guas” within a space to determine where to place objects that represent your life’s journey, and matching it with corresponding energy elements.

THE BARGUA  translates to a grid-shaped chart to map nine areas of your life:

  1. Power, wealth, abundance
  2. Fame, future, reputation
  3. Love, relationships, marriage
  4. Creativity, children, legacy
  5. Compassion, travel, helpful people
  6. Self, career, work
  7. Knowledge, wisdom, harmony
  8. Family, health, community
  9. Wellbeing, balance, vitality

Bagua is a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams and goals because of the energy centers that correspond to specific areas of your life, and thus can be improved and strengthened to help you succeed.


As we saw, all of our life’s zones are interconnected to the Elements, by being subordinated to their influence.
Every element can be strenghtened by the addition of its preceding element to the room, in the face of color, form or material.
An energy can be softly weakened by adding its subsequent element, and strongly weakened by adding its debilitating counter-element. For example: Fire is extuinguished by Water, Earth is weakened by Wood, Metal is melted by Fire, Water is swallowed by Earth, Wood is cut by Metal.



Feng Shui Basics For Creating A Calm, Comfortable Environment

Remove your shoes before entering your home It’s a purposeful way to allow only peaceful energy to come inside.

Decluttering Start by checking your home for things you don’t love, use, or need. Then clear, repair, and clean (use water with sea-salt) to allow energy to move more freely.

Do a space cleansing and house blessing  Space cleaning can be done by burning sage and whispering words of love and prosperity.

Let in an abundance of light, fresh air and greenery  Buy plants, place flowers throughout the house! Open the doors and windows and let fresh energy flow through. 

Use enhancers  The magic happens when placing certain items in specific Bagua zones corresponding to the area of life you wish to enhance. The object in itself isn’t bringing in the flow of abundance, it’s the meaning you’ve attached to it which makes you experience the flow of it, and through that gets attracted to you.


Feng Shui Colors














How Feng Shui Helps You Succeed 

When you design a healthy living environment with the above-mentioned feng shui basics, there’s a natural sense of ease and harmony circling, in which you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to move towards your dreams and where everything transcends into an effortless energy flow. A space that supports you, your needs, your goals, and dreams. Where everything is methodically designed for alignment, and to improve your health, prosperity, relationships, and overall happiness.









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